Command Sergeant Major

Command Sergeant Major

Ken Cabe

CSM South Carolina State Guard

CSM Ken Cabe is a graduate of the University of Georgia, retired from the SC Forestry Commission. During his service with the Commission, he worked in forest management, urban forestry, wildland fire management, law enforcement and public information.

He joined the 108th Division, US Army Reserve, in 1969. Cabe completed Basic Training and Infantry Advanced Training at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Two years later, he enrolled in Drill Sergeant School and graduated as First Distinguished Graduate of the class of 1972.

Cabe served as a Basic Training Platoon Sergeant, specializing in teaching drill and ceremonies and hand-to-hand combat. He later served as Senior Instructor at the 108th Division Drill Sergeant School, teaching military instruction techniques.

In 1977, SFC Cabe was recognized as the nation’s top Army Reserve Drill Sergeant, winning the Army’s Drill Sergeant of the Year (USAR) competition at Ft. Monroe, Virginia.

Cabe joined the SC State Guard in 2013 as a training NCO. Since then he has served as First Sergeant for Division Headquarters Detachment. He is currently serving as the CSM of the South Carolina State Guard having previously served in a dual role as NCOIC of the Francis Marion Reception Company and CSM of the Professional Services Command.