About The S.C. State Guard

The State Guard is organized as an army division under the leadership of the Commander of the SCSG (COMMAND). It is comprised of the Personal Staff, Special Staff, Coordinating Staff, Professional Services Command and the 1st Civil Support Brigade.

The 1st Civil Support Brigade is further divided into the following: 1st Battalion, 2nd Battalion and 3rd Battalion.

Each battalion is further divided into companies, corresponding to the boundaries of the six regions of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

State Guard members share a passion for service and an equally strong commitment to their fellow South Carolinians. New and current members receive training at the State Guard’s Military Academy located at the McCrady Training Center in Eastover, S.C.

Francis Marion at Burch’s Mill – William de Hartburn Washington (1833-70)

Francis Marion at Burch’s Mill – William de Hartburn Washington (1833-70)

History of the S.C. State Guard

The South Carolina State Guard has safeguarded the state since 1670, starting with the Charleston Militia, protecting against pirates, invaders, and Native American raids. In 1775, the First Provincial Congress in Charleston formed a Committee of Safety to oversee the province’s military, urging all inhabitants to train in arms and swiftly organizing militia units across the colony.

During the American Revolution, leaders like Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, and Andrew Pickens led engagements against the British. The SC Militia played key roles in taking Florida from Spain in the early 1800s and contributed to conflicts like the War of 1812 and the Mexican War.

Since 2015, the State Guard has contributed over 44,000 hours of service to South Carolina, aiding in recovery efforts post-Hurricanes Joaquin, Harvey, and Matthew.

For more information about the history of the military in the State of South Carolina, visit the South Carolina Military Museum.