Ceremonial Units

Ceremonial Units

Honor Guard


The motto of the SCSG Honor Guard is: “We live and work ABOVE the standard.” This is an important idea that all SCSG Honor Guardsmen adhere to especially considering the final mission of the Honor Guard. Military Funerals. The Honor Guard is responsible for providing final military honors to service members of every branch of the United States Armed Forces. The most solemn of all our duties, the military funeral and its traditions are studied carefully by Honor Guardsmen to ensure that every command, every movement, and, every step are precise. This requires a significant amount of practice to ensure that every fallen service member and their families receive the highest level of respect for the sacrifices made on behalf of our nation. Every member of the Honor Guard is trained in military funeral sequences including casket team, firing party team, flag fold and presentation, and bugle protocols.

Eligible members for Military Honors Funeral Services may include: Military members on active duty or in the selected reserve; former military members who served on active duty and departed under conditions other than dishonorable; former military members who completed at least one term of enlistment or period of initial obligated service in the selected reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable; and former military members discharged from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.

To request a Military Honors Funeral through the South Carolina State Guard you can download a request form Here.

If you are a member of the South Carolina State Guard and would like to be part of the Honor Guard, contact CSM Howard “Buddy” Seay, for information about the next available training class. Each member volunteers their time for the Honor Guard, in addition to their regular SCSG duty assignments or may be permanently assigned to the Honor Guard Detachment. Honor Guard applicants must successfully complete a 40-hour training course to be able serve. The Honor Guard will accept 12 applicants for this class.

SC State Guard Honor Guard Creed

I am an Honor Guard Soldier
I Represent the South Carolina State Guard and the United States Army to our State and our Nation
I am Disciplined, I am an Expert, and I am a Professional
I am Committed to Unwavering Excellence and Fidelity and
I will never Falter
I will Strive to Uphold the Honor, Values, and Tradition of those that came before me
I will never forget my Responsibility to my Fellow Soldiers,
My Self, My State, and My Country
I Am an Honor Guard Soldier



The South Carolina State Guard Camerata is an official small mixed voice choir composed of members of the Guard. The Camerata performs for Official State Guard events, National State Guard events, and conventions, all at the will of the Commander. The singers rehearse several times annually at centrally located venues throughout the state in order to accommodate those who travel long distances.

Julian Young

Choir Director

South Carolina State Guard Choir

Joining The Choir

Choral Director 1LT Julian Young and accompanist Emily Jordan invite members of the Guard to contact them if interested in joining the Camerata. 1LT Young may be contacted at 843.206.5146 or by email at julian.young@sg.sc.gov.

Ceremonial Unit


The mission of the SCSG Ceremonial Unit is to act as the Official State Ceremonial Unit, participating in state memorial services, historic presentations and reenactments. Partnered with the South Carolina Military Museum (SCMM), it is allowed to utilize equipment assigned to the Museum such as field pieces, etc.