Hurricane Hike Spotlight: Service Runs Deep for Justice

Published by CPT Brad E. Bailey

CAMDEN, SCSCSG 2BN SSG Joseph Justice is no stranger to endurance hikes. The Dayton, OH native joined the Army at 16 but didn’t go to basic until 17. He did 10-years of active duty as an infantryman, including stints in Alaska for 8-years and 16-months in Iraq with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team and 8-months in Iraq with 1st Bridge 25th Infantry Division. 6-years after sustaining injuries in Iraq, he was medically discharged from duty. It would be another 7-years before he found the #SCStateGuard, and jumped at the opportunity to put the uniform on again just 5-months ago. At the #HurricaneHike, SSG Justice finished the 10k course in just over an hour and carried a 45lb pack: mainly because he put to much in and didn’t want to take it out. “I figured it was only 6 miles so I will leave it.” He and his wife Tanya Justice, who serves with the medical group in 169th Fighter Wing, SCANG, reside in Hopkins, SC with their boys Riley Childe, Joseph Justice V, and Jude Justice. #Hooah #TrainedAndReady #TeamSC [CPL Bailey/CPL Hewitt/CPT Bailey]