Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training Critical to State Guard’s Mission

LTC Glenn C. Remsen (Top) Section Chief / State Guard Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) / Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) conducts training at the HQ Drill in August


By: CPT Brad E. Bailey, HHD/PAO ~

Columbia, SC ~  The South Carolina State Guard’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) conducted Anti-terrorism Awareness Training for personnel at the Headquarters Drill in August.  The purpose of this training is to increase awareness of terrorism and to improve the ability of personnel to apply personal protective measures.   The level 1 training that all SCSG personnel are required to take, was developed and mandated by the Department of Defense and covers basic personal awareness.  

CIPU section chief, LTC Glenn Remsen, a 13-year veteran of the State Guard explains that the SCSG is the only known State Defense Force doing this sort of training and the reason it is important is because Guard personnel have the same level of security and safety concerns as our National Guard counterparts. First responders, including fire, police, and EMS personnel have increasingly become targets of criminal or terrorist organizations making this level of training critical.  Because the SCSG are first responders, its personnel potentially fit that category of a target.

According to Remsen the State Guard is increasingly taking on more critical response roles during hurricanes and floods and has become a vital part of the state’s emergency response plan.  “If something happens to hinder the SCSG’s response, it hinders the overall response to the emergency that is at hand.”

The CIPU, which was organized in 2015 now has 15 members across the state, including personnel conducting security and site assessments.  Plans are in the works to expand the unit more as the need arises. “The goal is to protect personnel so they can do their jobs.”

Remsen, who’s civilian job is as a TAC Officer in Commandant’s Department at the Citadel says the CIPU mobile training team is working to take this training on the road to the battalion level. State Guard family members are welcome to take the classes as well. The course is also available online on the Army Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Portal HERE. Personnel who take the online JKO course must email an electronic copy of the certificate of completion to

More information about scheduled training will be shared as classes are organized.  For more information about the CIPU, email

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