SCSG Cyber Security Detachment Recruiting Kicks-Off in Columbia

BY: CPT Brad E. Bailey w/ SGT Bill Pickle, HHD/PAO

COLUMBIA, SC:  South Carolina State Guard Deputy Chief of Staff for Cyber Security & Intel, COL William Oden presented a briefing to cyber security experts about ongoing plans to stand up State Guard Cyber Protection Teams and to support federal, state, local, and industry partners.

South Carolina State Guard Deputy Chief of Staff for Cyber Security & Intel, COL William Oden laid out plans for the State Guard Cyber Protection Teams  ~ Photos by Bailey/Pickle

Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.  According to Oden, an 18-year veteran with the State Guard, one of the most problematic elements of cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of security risks. “Technology is always evolving and to deal with the current environment the State Guard wants to be more proactive and adaptive.”

Oden went on to explain to attendees that the plans for the cyber unit began 3-years ago and have finally reached a point where the State Guard is actively recruiting.   “Our goal with the Cyber Protection Teams is to support the South Carolina National Guard which activated the 125th Cyber Protection Battalion, its first unit dedicated to protecting S.C. and the U.S. from cyber attacks, in October 2017.  

Additionally, the State Guard Cyber Protection Teams are envisioned to provide cyber forensics support for state, local, and private sector agencies if requested by the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division or SLED.  Improving security protocols, especially with the ever increasing security vulnerabilities from newer technologies such as mobile devices and wearable technologies, is an ever changing field of focus for law enforcement organization, including SLED.  

The all volunteer SCSG is one of the oldest military organizations in the U.S.   Oden, who retired from the U.S. Air Force after 23-years of service, says that he and other members of the State Guard volunteer because they have expertise that can be called upon when needed.  “The model of the State Guard is about developing partnerships. We are in the communities; we know the folks; so when when they have a challenge and SLED calls on us to assist, we are trained and ready to serve.”  

If you have expertise that might benefit this SCSG Cyber Security, including experience in cyber security, investigations, technology, or a similar field, contact COL William Oden to obtain an skill set assessment worksheet and application.  Cyber Security Team slots are limited and very competitive. Email COL Oden at:



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