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Welcome to the SCSG Military Academy

Welcome to the South Carolina State Guard Military Academy. The Military Academy serves as the foundation for all Professional Military Education for the State Guard. Over the past several years our training requirements have seen a dramatic change. Lessons learned during the great flood of 2015 have redefined how we approach training. We are excited about the offerings this year and trust that all students will receive the best possible training from a top-notch staff who are eager to challenge you to be your best and to support our unique mission in the historic South Carolina State Guard. All courses will be held at the McCrady Training Facility in Columbia SC.

The Military Academy will be offering certain courses throughout the year. Open registration for the 2018 academy year will begin in November. Specific dates for open courses are provided in the Student Handbook.


LTC Tim Carns, Commandant of SCSGMA

Comments and questions should be directed to LTC Tim Carns
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McCrady Training Center

The South Carolina Army National Guard’s McCrady Training Center occupies the eastern third of the Fort Jackson footprint. The state-of-the-art facilities and thorough training provided by our cadre, ensures our troops have the most efficient and useful military training available anywhere.

Course Offerings and Timeframes for 2018

Basic Training Course (BTC)
REGISTRATION CLOSED  will run from January through June
Basic Leader Course (BLC) will start in March and will run through June*
Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) will start in March and will run through June*
Officer Basic Course (OBC)
REGISTRATION CLOSED will run from January through June
Captains Career Course (CCC) will run April through June
Staff Officer Course (STOC)
REGISTRATION CLOSED will run January and February

*May be extended based on circumstance and student progression
2018 Course Registration Information
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Student Handbook must be read and acknoledged before registering. All core course  descriptions are included. You may login to the SCSG Document Library HERE